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The re-launch is READY TO GO!
The site's still a little bit under construction but functional.

Updates will be on Wednesdays and the comic is just about to start :)
Chapter 1 is up. Chapter 2's ready.
I have a full chapter page buffer, so no stops for quite awhile.

Like it on facebook here:…

Love you all~ <3
   First off, I apologize for being so erratic with everything related to this comic. I want anyone still paying any attention to it to know that I truly am dedicated to getting it going again, but knowing myself, I think trying to set a launch date or anything like that in advance won't work out so well. XD

    I am going to complete at least one full chapter and get the sketches done on one beyond that before launching so I'll have a huge buffer cushion. I would think even I couldn't miss any updates for quite a while with that much extra. I am working on getting an official website up and running for it. This DeviantArt will still be a place you can go to keep current on things, but actual pages will not be available here until the completion of each chapter.

    Updates are going to be weekly, with a few pages being added at a time; rather than a full chapter every month or two like I'd initially planned. There will be SOUND (gasp!)...though currently no and sound effects only. I am also including more animation in future chapters and trying to optimize the flash interface for them to make them a little easier to read.

    So....Like I said, while I unfortunately do not have a planned launch date for the website, I am doing my best to get this off the ground for real. I would very much love it if you would bear with me on this, but I also can't blame you if you've given up. I know I'm not the best at keeping you guys updated or staying on schedules, but I swear, I am going to do everything in my power to change that once this gets started up again! :)

Thank you so much in advance~ <3
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*Mirror post of what is on my main account- :icon7airgoddess3:*

Hello magical squishy unicorn friendy-friends!

Finally posting something again!

I've been super inactive for like...months....sorry.... >-<;;;
Computer issues, school, deadlines, etc., etc.
Lots of distractions keeping me from posting much.
BUT! school will be ending within the next week so I will have free time again finally :)

So, a few updates/new things:
1- Because I haven't been on much in a while, I haven't had a chance to thank people for favorites and watches (on either account). Just know that I really do appreciate the support even if I don't thank you personally. :D

2- I HAVE LOTS OF THINGS I NEED TO UPLOAD. And I will probably be uploading anything and everything I can find over the next week or two. Apologizing in advance for the incoming inbox spammage! (This applies mainly to my other account, but there will probably still be a fair amount of new material here too)

3- The comic is also going to get a MAJOR update soon. It's sort of big news too, because it may actually render everything that is currently available of the comic somewhat obsolete when it gets posted. But I think it's a good change and I really hope you will too >-<;;;

4- I am planning on using tumblr so I can have sort of a sketch/doodle/WIP blog. That will be here when I start using it:

5- Slightly off-topic, but I managed to get a video in the Anime Expo AMV contest finals!:…

Anyway~ Love y'all~
Have a nice day. <3

I gots a new computer. a custom build with kinks still to work out. It's amazing and gorgeous and fast.....
but....... it's been in and out of the shop a few times and I've spent many days recently without a computer to myself.
...and now that I've got it all working right and stuff.... I don't have  most of my comic files yet. only what is on my external drives (old stuff).

yes. I am most certainly prone to technical difficulties.

I love you all for taking the time to read my comic and I really apologize but it will probably be a few more days still before I can get the next pages out.

Please wait for me~ :heart:

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I thought I should give at least some reason for the lack of updates to the comic recently, since it will probably continue for little while longer.
Essentially. I am having tablet issues. Specifically with my pen. the point where I can barely use it for mouse functions, let alone draw. Things are taking a little longer than I thought with decisions on purchases and such.


I will update with doodles, marker drawings, crafty things, etc. whenever I can. Just know that I haven't given up on anything. I am merely having extremely irritating hardware issues(and there are the added factors of homework, classes, AMVS, cosplay, conventions,etc.,etc.).

I love you all. Thanks for sticking with me. :D <3

(PS---Would anyone like it if I made something Flash animated for the comic when I get my stuff working again? ...If so...suggestions?)
  • Listening to: My Jeans - Jenna Rose (STFU IT'S HILARIOUS XD)
  • Reading: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Watching: Eyeshield 21
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (Aqua's Story)
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